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At Access Media, we're always seeking talented freelancers and independent contractors to join our team. If you think you have expertise, skills, and ideas that can support our mission, contact us.

Enjoy Creative, Important Work

As a part of Access Media, you will be a vital part of a virtual organization. We seek committed freelancers and independent contractors who know how to work with very little supervision and are well equipped with the hardware, software, skills, and attitude a variety of projects and customers may demand. At minimum, you will do the following:

  • Gather information via structured interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SME) and do so in the absolute minimum amount of time. We respect the role SMEs perform and understand we are not their #1 priority. The SME’s time is precious, and so is ours. We get it done by being prepared, following through, and being innovative with the application of technology.
  • Review content documents and extract relevant information for training and gaining quick insight into core issues. Transfer procedural documentation into effective learning objectives.
  • Repurpose existing training materials using templates and ensure that they demonstrate instructional design best practices.
  • Create process-based web-based training, quick reference guides, software demos, and other training related documents. Make appropriate recommendations for simple solutions that can generate significant impact on learning and/or have multiple application in different contexts.
  • Review official procedure documents and work instructions. Make recommendations to SMEs to improve and enhance usability.
  • Proofread, markup, and edit for readability and functionality.
  • Apply principals of adult learning to the design and development of materials that will help people learn efficiently.
  • Create innovative assessments.
  • Record and communicate work status to training lead on a weekly basis.
  • Load documents into SharePoint and SuccessFactors — training will be provided.
  • Create SharePoint site to house training (desired).


Chaos is unavoidable – here at Access Media International, Inc. we deal with it every day. Creating order out of chaos seems an impossible task but it is what we do. A maelstrom of ideas conflict, clash and sometimes seem to collude into a form of order. We tweak the process with good results and positive outcomes.


Where chaos meets order.


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