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We seek new clients and projects from anywhere in the world where there are reliable internet services, and English is spoken, at minimum as a second language. We design, develop and deliver in over 23 languages by applying proprietary processes.

Our clients are large global organizations and small companies that have a global reach. With over 35 years of learning how to help people improve on-the-job performance, we pay close attention to the relationship between learning, performance and incentives.

We believe that evolutionary learning can produce extraordinary performance that demands equalizing incentives. We seek to find the correct balance between these three essential elements of every successful business.

Work in Progress

Yazaki North and Central America Quality Curriculum

Starting in January 2015, AMII developed 24 courses on Environmental, Health, and Safety topics. Courses are in English and Spanish and are available as WBT or Instructor-led learning activities. We followed that up with a WBT on Project Management that replaces a significant number of PowerPoint driven instructor-led sessions in many global locations. We moved onto a WBT on Yazaki Problem Solving that is replacing most of a 3-day instructor-led workshop and is the foundation course leading to certification as a Yazaki Problem Solving Practitioner. We are beginning courses on auditing, expense reporting, and ITAF 16949:2016 with more to come. Many innovative development features include use of Text-To-Speech in multiple languages and voices. Worldwide, Yazaki employs over 180,000 people in 38 countries, 1,500 of whom are based in the company's North and Central American headquarters and research center campus in Canton, Michigan. For more information on Yazaki, see

Phalanx Weapon System Visual Maintenance System

Phalanx is a Close-In Weapon System used on the majority of US Navy and NATO ships. Sometimes it is referred to as the CIWS (pronounced “see-whiz”). It's a big machine gun that is about the size of a two-car garage. Radar-guided and rapid-firing, it can deliver between 3,000-4,500 20mm cannon rounds per minute. It operates either autonomously or under manual command as a last-ditch defense against incoming missiles and other targets. Phalanx uses closed-loop spotting with advanced radar and computer technology to locate, identify and direct a stream of armor piercing projectiles toward the target. These capabilities have made the Phalanx CIWS a critical bolt-on sub-system for naval vessels around the world and led to the C-RAM/Centurion, a land-based system designed to defend against incoming artillery and mortars.

My work was designed to improve operational readiness by providing visual maintenance procedures that replaced antiquated paper-based maintenance data.

You can learn more about the amazing Phalanx system in this online article from the Defense Industry Daily.

Completed while working with Raytheon Professional Services.

Service Engineering Awareness Communication

The Engineering Serviceability web-based training project (WBT) is a six-lesson interactive course that can be completed in less than an hour. It features bookmarking for the busy design engineer who cannot dedicate the time to complete it in one sitting.

Lesson Five includes a demonstration and interactive simulation of the Serviceability Self-Assessment. This tool was developed by Engineering Serviceability to help design engineers evaluate the serviceability of any given component or system. The tool combines the scores engineers provide to assess compliance with a Serviceability Design Functional Objective and the level of compliance to five serviceability attributes. These five attributes are applied to a broad set of components and systems.

Completed while working with Tti Global.

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