Instructional Systems Design

Instructional Systems Design

Instructional Systems Design recognizes more than 40 different delivery methods. They range from high fidelity flight simulators to web-based awareness training on Environmental. Health and Safety topics. ISDs try to match the content and learner with the method, and often more than one method is feasible. Once we identify the feasible ways to deliver effective learning, we conduct cost-benefit analysis to guide the decision of the delivery method.

At Access Media

At Access Media, if we can’t build it, we find someone with the experience, tools, and skill set that can. We enjoy taking on instructional designs that we outsource the development of, to other professionals, instead of developing the content ourselves. We often design facilitator-led face-to-face instruction that is presented by a team made up of one or more subject matter experts and a facilitator. The workshops we design have one thing at their foundation – interactivity.

Models in Instruction Systems Design

Models in Instruction Systems Design are plentiful, but the one that endures is ADDIE: Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. We often add an M to ADDIE for Maintenance creating the ADDIE-M model. We have seen other models come and go while ADDIE has endured. After all, it is not the model but the execution that is important.

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Request a consultation and we will discuss the business problem(s) you need to solve and give you a candid assessment of what solutions will be effective. We confirm that with analysis, and begin design when we have come to a consensus regarding delivery method. Often a blend of delivery methods is needed in a course that begins with WBT and ends with intensive role-plays and an interactive workshop that relies on active responding to accomplish its goals.

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