LMS/LCMS Considerations

LMS/LCMS Considerations

Keeping current on technological innovation in learning is a challenge, but you can count on Access Media. We work hard to provide you with the research-based, methods and applications.

A Learning Management System or LMS can help most organizations reach their goals. The right LMS is an essential element for all businesses. They automate a significant amount of the work of managing learning. But there are hundreds to choose from and the process of narrowing the field can be daunting for even the most experienced HR or IT professionals. AMII has developed a proprietary process and set of tools to help you narrow the choices down to a short list, evaluate alternatives, select finalists with which to complete a sandbox trial of the competing solutions.

Benefits of Using Cutting-Edge LMS Technology

A Learning Management System is a powerful tool for managing learning. Properly configured and deployed, it leads to many benefits.

  • Increase employee productivity by improving training scheduling, communication, delivery, and tracking
  • Increase efficiency by reducing employee knowledge gaps
  • Reduce lost time due to attendance in instructor-led training courses
  • Provide flexibility and a degree of automation in scheduling and tracking employee training
  • Improve employee retention
  • Reduce travel costs for live training and cut distribution costs for training materials required in multiple locations

There are many reasons why organizations find themselves considering implementing a Learning Management System (LMS). Many want to replace an outdated LMS that no longer suits their needs. Others recognize the significant benefits of LMS implementation, and plan to include the technology to support learning needs of a changing, growing, learning-focused workforce. Selecting the right one is, in many instances, an exercise in comparing and contrasting equals. There are many excellent LMS solutions to choose from and narrowing them down to a short list can be an unnerving and confusing task for the uninitiated.

Access Media is LMS neutral. We have identified over 200 LMS use cases that the best Learning Management Systems should perform well. That’s our baseline. We then work with our clients to modify the existing cases, and generate new ones, unique to the client’s wants and needs. These we incorporate into MS Excel spreadsheets grouping them by roles like, Learner, Manager, Instructor, and System Administrator. We place the relevant data about each case in single spreadsheet row that captures:

  • The Case ID code
  • State of the system
  • Pre-conditions required
  • Action/Task - the case behavior
  • Outcome desired
  • What actually happened when the evaluator tried to complete the case
  • The Score the evaluator chooses to give the case
Evaluators complete the use case behavior, and then document how well the LMS performed the task. There is a cell in each row with a dropdown that allows the evaluator to score the case. We include the scoring criteria (defined in collaboration with the client) for easy reference.

Figure 1. Use Case Example

This proven LMS evaluation method makes a time consuming, complex sets of tasks relatively easy to complete. Evaluators focus on what is important and a reasonably objective measure of the competing technologies results.

If you are new to LMS technology or need to upgrade, we can guide you through the selection process and ensure you get the tool that best fits your circumstances. Contact us for a consultation and learn more about this proven method to evaluate best in class LMS technology.

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